Monday, October 26, 2009

Wormies and my vege patch

So, last week i shot off to bunnings to buy one of these;

A can of fun for a grown up woman kids, yeah well try telling that to mine. Isla wanted to go play with the girl two doors down, i called after her rather mournfully "what about the worms", she just shrugged and said "i'm not really interested mum".


Now 1000 worms may seem like a lot, but in actual fact, it's like the box says, a starter amount.
I'm giving these 1000 a month to settle in, and then i'm buying a booster pack (500).  By then they should have made worm babies, and my farm should start eating more.  I really need a compost bin as well.  The amount of food scraps we have here is crazy stuff.  Never mind, that should soon be solved when we get some hens too!  Can't wait!

Here they are in action, it's hard to get a photo of them, as they dive for cover when you lift the worm mat (aka wet newspapers)

And here is their worm wee

This stuff is apparently potent stuff and needs to be diluted down until it looks like weak tea.
It will take a bit of time before they produce enough castings (nice way of saying worm crap), maybe 3 mths.

Here's my wee little garden;

I'm just doing stuff in pots until i get around to sorting out some raised garden beds.


chilli & capsicums

and below, we have basil and lettuce in the tires, strawberries in the pots behind, and coriander in the bucket.

I also have carrot seedlings and beetroot seedlings on the go, and a few other bits and pieces.

You have to start somewhere, right?

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