Monday, October 26, 2009

I will never ever eat a cheese sandwich ever!

Something happened today at school that made me feel both mortified and proud.

I sent my 6 year old daughter off to school with a cheese sandwich (and a banana and yoghurt) for her lunch.
When i picked her up, i didn't get a lovely greeting.  What i got was a 6 year old with a face like thunder, declaring that she does NOT like cheese sandwiches.

Then her teacher comes out and the plot thickens.  Apparently, Isla approached her teacher and expressed her dismay upon finding the cheese sarnie in her lunchbox.  He advised her just to eat the bread and leave the cheese.  She moaned and mumped, and went on her way.

After lunch the phone rings in his classroom.  It's the lady in the office with a funny little tale to tell.

My daughter, rather unimpressed with her teachers response to her sandwich situation, took it on herself to go to the school office and tell the office lady a tale of woe, about how sad she was to find a yucky cheese sandwich in her lunch box, and that her teacher had not "done anything about it" and could she please kindly ring her mum so that she can bring the princess another sandwich.   Needless to say, i did not get a phone call and Isla was sent out on her merry way. 

The teacher was informed of the office visit (the office lady is his wife) and had a little chuckle to himself, especially when she later ate the sandwich.  Her tummy obviously got the better of her.

I so wouldn't have had the guts to do that at her age.  She will go far!

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