Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our day at the beach

What a day. So exhausted. Taking 3 kids and all their changes of clothes and drinks and nappies etc is full on. I felt like a pack mule. The kids had a real blast. They played in the fountains, splashed in the surf, scored a pony ride and an icecream.

C3's first pony ride. Nana got a great photo of the kids sitting on the camel.

It's the easy life for some eh Mr H?!

The big kids with their dad

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More wool dyeing

Here's my latest efforts. I'm thinking a pair of longies for next winter and a matching hat. I might stripe it with blue just so it's not so in your face! It was originally pearl coloured 'boutique' yarn (65% Wool, 25% Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 10% Mohair: An exotic blend of Wool, Mohair and Bluefaced Leicester. Bluefaced Leicester Wool is renown for the lustre of fine, long fleece) from
Really soft and lovely. Can't wait to see what it knits up like. I have two other projects on the go at the moment so i'll have to be patient!

Friday, November 14, 2008

YAY dress is finished!

It was so nice knitting something girly, i think it will really suit baby C.

picot hem. Would have liked to have hemmed the dress in the same wool as the bodice, but i ran out and no chance of dyeing more exactly the same. Not for this novice dyer anyway!

recycled buttons, you can see my wee mistake in this close up. Wool (bodice only) was dyed with wilton cake dyes, the skirt is cleckheaton.

trying to be arty farty! It seems the 'thing' to take pics of your knitting hanging in trees!

Mum decided to get in on the crafty act, and made these for the kids.

On the needles at the moment... A winter hoodie for Hamish. I think i'll have another rainbow dress on the go at the same time, or else i get bored. Busy fingers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wool dyeing session

I'm so happy with today's efforts! The sorta purpley bits were suppose to be black, not quite sure what happened there, but pleased none the less.

Not so sure about this wee number (this was down last week)... I think i'll use it striped in a hat or something.

Got some more outside drying. Addictive stuff this!

Drool with me

I made a trip to spotlight today. Was only meant to get one measly ball of wool...
yeah right!

and this is what it's for (without the pants - blurgh!)

Fabric has been hidden away in the cupboard, away from my darling husbands eyes.
I am very naughty and am putting myself on a fabric buying ban until i get some projects completed!
The same goes for wool.
Today the scales gave me a nice surprise, the lowest weight i've been in a while (77.7kg). I felt so inspired i opted for sushi for lunch when mum and C3 had maccas (stolen chips don't count right?)
Plans for tomorrow. Wool dyeing with T, and some fabric cutting. Squee.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tikki rainbow dress

Frustration is....

running out of wool with only a teensy weensy bit to go.
ahh well, just an excuse for another trip to spotlight!
This is for my friends wee girl for next winter. I just had an urge to knit something girly.
I'm planning on finishing it with a picot hem and embellishing it with some buttons or a knitted/crochet flower of some description.

I've enjoyed knitting this and will do one for 'L' next ;-). Not until my stitch markers arrive though! Using waste yarn is a pita!

Pattern can be found here

btw, the 'skirt' colour is a much richer purple, looks a little flat on my screen.