Friday, November 14, 2008

YAY dress is finished!

It was so nice knitting something girly, i think it will really suit baby C.

picot hem. Would have liked to have hemmed the dress in the same wool as the bodice, but i ran out and no chance of dyeing more exactly the same. Not for this novice dyer anyway!

recycled buttons, you can see my wee mistake in this close up. Wool (bodice only) was dyed with wilton cake dyes, the skirt is cleckheaton.

trying to be arty farty! It seems the 'thing' to take pics of your knitting hanging in trees!

Mum decided to get in on the crafty act, and made these for the kids.

On the needles at the moment... A winter hoodie for Hamish. I think i'll have another rainbow dress on the go at the same time, or else i get bored. Busy fingers!


Mylenna said...

Looks fantastic!! Well done you :)

You definitely should make another one *cough* lol!

Anonymous said...

hehe, yeah no worries. Might have to swap you a sock monkey ;-)