Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More wool dyeing

Here's my latest efforts. I'm thinking a pair of longies for next winter and a matching hat. I might stripe it with blue just so it's not so in your face! It was originally pearl coloured 'boutique' yarn (65% Wool, 25% Bluefaced Leicester Wool, 10% Mohair: An exotic blend of Wool, Mohair and Bluefaced Leicester. Bluefaced Leicester Wool is renown for the lustre of fine, long fleece) from
Really soft and lovely. Can't wait to see what it knits up like. I have two other projects on the go at the moment so i'll have to be patient!

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Mylenna said...

Looks very cool!!! Can't wait to see it knitted up too :)

Might have a go at dyeing some solid purple to match mine for the Tikki dress today (if everyone goes to bed properly tonight!)

I pinched a pic of your Tikki dress to put in my other diary. Hope you don't mind!