Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finished hoodie, crafting with rice, and dreaming of chooks...

Here's a hoodie i finished recently for Mr H.  It's for next year.
The pattern is from Debbie Bliss 'essential knits for kids'.  I used luxury 'stone' from bendigo woollen mills (10 ply), it's lovely and soft.  This was my first time doing cables.

I've now started one for big brother in luxury 'blue denim'. 
I also need to buy some yarn to do Isla a 'bloom', i might do these projects at the same time to keep me interested (i get bored easy).  I would love to do the bloom in a lovely green (to go with her lovely auburn hair), but missy wants...sigh... pink.

I have got a bee in my bonnet about having chooks.  We went to a garden and outdoor show today and saw a beautiful chicken coop that also came with a beautiful price tag.
Bless my darling husband, he came home and started thinking about how he could turn this hideous gazebo into a rockin' coop.  Here he is deep in thought...

Poor man.  I have the 'ideas' and he is the one that puts it into action.

I'm going to screen off this area, just off the gazebo for the chooks to peck around in and have dirt baths or whatever it is chooks do...  They will have a huuuuge area. 

Today i coloured some rice with the big kids (stole the idea off a blog i randomly hit on)


really, really should have worn gloves...


Mr C lost interest by now...

ta da!
That kept my girly busy for a while, although the rice everywhere made me twitch a little, i got over it.

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