Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trying to stay away from the computer - it's tough!!!

I decided to try and take a computer break. A break from forums for a few days or so.
I had found myself with tons of fabric and tons of yarn piling (sp?) up, a lot of time looking at other peoples crafting and a sense of frustration for not getting anything done.
So far so good, although i couldn't help a teensy look at facebook and a quick pop into my forums. I had the best intentions but baby H9mths has been very clingy (teeth) and likes to sleep on me, so whats a girl to do...
So far i've finised one easy dress (can't post a pic cuz it's on Steve's work camera, which is at work!). I've got about 75% through another dress (will post pics when finished - hopefully tomorrow) and have done some baking with the kids.

We made gingerbread men from scratch

We made homemade passionfruit icecream

and homemade bacon and cheese bread rolls

1 comment:

Mylenna said...

It all looks so scrummy!!!!!!!
Cool gingerbread men :)
And those bread rolls - gotta get the recipe hehe.