Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shorties finished!

Made from my home dyed wool (bendigo).
I'm really pleased with them. Already cast on another pair! I'm always insanely happy when i finish a project, hence the zillion different photos from every angle! I can't even begin to tell you of the half finished long since abandoned projects in my cupboard. Have slightly cheated, elastic is in the waistband, but not sewn in yet, so that's why it may look a little funky. Next time i'm going to make sure i watch a youtube video on short rows, to avoid getting the little holes.

Jenny's 'pimp my longies' pattern again!

sans baby

standing shot

laying down shot... hehehe

close up shot

1 comment:

Mylenna said...

Wow they're so cool!! Love them!!
The colour is gorgeous as is the model hehe!!

Laila neeeeeeeeeeds a pair lol!!